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Personal Training

Scheduling Personal Training Appointments Please call the front desk at 781-932-9332 to schedule your personal training appointment.

Cancellation Policy At least 24 hours cancellation notice is required for Personal Training Appointments.

Get the most out of your commitment to fitness
What is Personal Training?
Whether you are just starting out in an exercise program or are an experienced exerciser, personal training maximizes the results of cardiovascular and strength training exercise. Working one-on-one with a trainer gives people motivation, ensures workouts are safe and maximizes results in a minimal amount of time.

"Personal training sessions are a lot of fun. I learn new exercises - tailored especially for the areas that I want to work on. My trainer makes sure that I exercise in the safest manner possible. After each workout I feel great!"
- Janet Athens, Peoplefit Member

What is a Personal Trainer?
A Personal Trainer is an individual coach, educator, supervisor, motivator and inspirational leader for those who are serious about reaching their fitness expectations.

Setting realistic short and long term goals are essential steps in a successful training program. A personal trainer will help determine these goals and design the program to meet them. Personal Trainers possess knowledge on a variety of topics and training patterns allowing plenty of room for creativity and progress.

Who can benefit from Personal Training?
Personal Training is appropriate for just about anyone...

  • those who need motivation or extra support
  • exercise beginners who need to develop proper form to maximize safety
  • those who need to regain strength and/or flexibility after an injury or pre/post surgery
  • those who have special goals or considerations
  • seasoned exercisers looking for a more varied or challenging program
  • those who are training for a specific sport or event