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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a limit to the number of peoplefit in the facility at one time?
Yes. We will follow the requirements and recommendations of state and local officials in setting the maximum occupancy to promote social distancing. This maximum will include all members, staff, and other types of visitors. We are limiting the number of exercisers to 20.

Have you done anything to maximize the air quality?
The entry door will be propped open to maximize air flow, and HEPA filters have been installed throughout the facility.

Are face coverings mandatory?
Yes. Face coverings are required at all times, as soon as you enter the building.

Have you accounted for social distancing?
Yes. All usable exercise equipment has been spaced according to the state requirements. Traffic flow patterns have been indicated by arrows taped to the floor. Additionally, the open exercise areas at either end of the facility have been divided into single occupant spaces.

Will there be a screening process to enter the facility?
Yes. When you arrive at the facility door for your appointment, you will see a “Stop” sign with a list of screening questions. Read the questions, follow the instructions, and wait to be called to the front desk. Do not step into the facility until you are instructed to do so. Upon reaching the front desk, an employee will take your temperature (with a no-touch thermometer) and dispense hand sanitizer for you to apply.

Will someone open the door for me? I don’t like touching door knobs.
The doors to enter the front of the building are automatic and the door into the facility will be propped open.

Have you installed additional cleaning stations?
Yes! We have additional stations with hand sanitizer and also have additional machine wipes dispensers.

What is being done to keep the facility clean?
In addition to performing continuous cleaning of high touch surfaces while we're open, the facility will be closed Mon - Fri from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. for a thorough cleaning. Another thorough cleaning will occur each night after we close.

Will I have to schedule an appointment to exercise independently in the facility?
Yes. In addition to any 1-on-1 personal training sessions you might schedule (by calling the front desk), we'll now also have you schedule the times you use the facility on your own (through an online booking app). This will provide you with guaranteed exercise times, while allowing us to limit how many people are in the facility at one time. You may pre-schedule up to (3) one-hour appointments in a single week for your independent exercise. This is in addition to any 1-on-1 services you book. You may also come in to exercise on additional days. Simply check the online booking app on the day you are considering adding, and book an open slot.

How do I make an appointment to exercise independently?
For 1-on-1 personal training appointments, please call the front desk. For the times you'll come in to use the facility on your own, visit our Book An Appointment page for video tutorials and directions plus the link to open the online booking application. There you can make your appointments for independent exercise times.

Will I have access to my exercise card?
Your exercise card will be available upon request at the front desk. We will give it to you to keep for the time being. Please take it home and then bring it back with you for each visit. Clipboards and pens will not be available. Also, you may download a blank exercise card from our website.

Are the locker rooms available?
The locker rooms are open, but not for use of the showers and lockers. You may use the toilets, sinks and changing areas. For the time being, we are waiving our usual request that you change into gym-only footwear when you arrive. Instead, we'll now ask you to bring as little as possible. We do have some cubby and open storage spaces for car keys. We suggest you leave valuables at home or locked in the trunk of your vehicle.

What are my responsibilities as a member?
To come to the facility only during your appointment time, to wear a face covering in the building, to clean your equipment thoroughly, and to have a nice exercise session!

Will there be group exercise classes?
Group exercise classes will continue virtually for the time being. Recordings of many classes are available anytime through our YouTube Channel, and active members may participate in our LIVE online classes.

Are Massage and Personal Training sessions available?
Yes! Please call the front desk to schedule these appointments. More information about changes to how these services are offered may be found on our massage and personal training pages.