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Booking An Appointment at Peoplefit

Click here for the ONLINE Booking App (for general exercise slots only).

Below are guidelines, helpful hints and tutorial videos for scheduling your exercise times.

Scheduling a Time For General (Independent) Exercise in the Facility

This is not for 1-on-1 appointments. See further below for that information.

To provide guaranteed exercise times, while allowing us to limit how many people are in the facility at one time, members will now book exercise times in advance.

You may PRE-schedule up to (3) one-hour exercise sessions per week. You may schedule these as far in advance as you wish, for any weeks available through the online booking app.

ADDITIONALLY, you may schedule extra sessions on any day you wish if there are slots available. Simply check the app on the day you wish to add and book your appointment.

You may cancel or reschedule your appointments using the booking app.

RECOMMENDED: View these tutorial videos to prepare yourself for logging in and booking your slots.

      How to Login

      How to Book a Time to Exercise on a computer/laptop

      How to Book a Time to Exercise on a mobile device

Pro Tips not covered in the tutorial video:

  • If two members are using the same device to book appointments, be sure to have the first person "Sign Out" and then have the second person sign in before scheduling.

  • The Sign Out feature is located in the upper right portion of the screen for both computers and mobile phones. Look for a tiny person icon, or your little personal photo, or a small, simple down arrow to click on. It should pop-up a list of features including "My Schedule" and "Sign Out".

  • To cancel or reschedule an appointment, you may use the "My Schedule" feature. You must be logged in to the booking app and then you click on the tiny person icon in the upper right portion of the screen (or it may be a small personal photo or just a small down arrow). After clicking "My Schedule", a window will pop-up with your list of appointments. Click on the tiny pencil icon to the right of the appointment you wish to change. Then you can choose to cancel it, or reschedule it.

IMPORTANT: For each step of the booking process, when making selections to advance to the next screen, click ONCE and then be patient. Please give it time for the next page to load. It may feel like it's not doing anything as there is often a delay while it prepares to populate the next screen.

Click here for the ONLINE Booking App (for general exercise slots only).

Scheduling 1-on-1 Appointments
Please call the front desk at 781-932-9332 to schedule these types of appointments:
  • Tours (for anyone interested in starting or returning to exercise at Peoplefit)
  • Massage Therapy
  • Personal Training
  • Evaluations (including re-evals)
  • Telehealth (via phone or video conference)